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  • Bob Snot
    12:38pm - Sat Dec 10th, 2011
    You're right to an extent
    As much as I don't like the idea either, "You have to pay to play".

    BUT! Our country is in the sad financial shape it's in, due to decades of allowing business to send their good paying jobs out of the country in favor of slave labor, so they can boost their bottom line. Company profit margins and the stock markets have become more important than the country and public. That is wrong! But that's what happens when corruption runs rampant. Millions of jobs for which workers used to earn good or decent wages, that they were able to support themselves and their families on, not to mention pay taxes proportionally to, AND be active, healthy consumers not having to charge everything, were eliminated so the few at the top could take home millions of dollars and the financial crowd could bet on and make even more. And now that so many everyday people have bought hook line and sinker into the "Get rich quick" by investing in the stock market ideal, as long as their jobs aren't directly affected they could care less. Amazingly, they don't have the least bit of a clue that while they might not be affected directly, the loss of any jobs has a negative impact on everyone, our economy, and our country. We've essentially subsidized our businesses and stock markets, the ones who are out for themselves and behind the outsourcing, "Global economy" scam, by destroying our country and publics means to provide and support themselves. And very few, if any, of the corporate or financial crowd currently running the show know anything about building companies, all they know is how to gut them and destroy them for profit increases. To successfully build a company you have to "Pay to play", and that's the last thing they want to hear or will ever believe. Even old clowns like Jack Welch, who all the business shows want to paint as a god, didn't build anything, he just destroyed in the name of profit increasing. He alone is responsible for the elimination of millions of jobs that provided incomes for US workers which allowed them to pay taxes and be good active consumers. The corporate crowd kiss their way up the corporate ladder, then when they get to the top, they lay waste to everything they can in the name of increasing profits. They don't build, they acquire, that's why if you look into most companies there is no true competition, so many are owned by the same parent corporation.

    The more I think about it, maybe I am against taxes being charged for internet sales. There are more important places to clamp down on before the already taxed public is taxed more. Go after the fat cats who got us into this sad shape and end the insanity. Why should a US company be allowed to put a good paid US worker, who's a tax payer and a consumer that promotes business here, especially small business, out of a job and run overseas where they can pay a child worker .05 an hour? Considering the mark up on most products, the only ones who are capitalizing are the company owners, executives, and investors, and they sure don't make up the whole country. We need actual cost disclosures for goods, the majority of the public would probably be shocked and infuriated at the amount of mark up on most items. Just a look around at various products, you can see even some union made items, the few that are left, don't cost anymore than so much of the crap being made for bargain basement prices overseas. The whole Capitalistic ideal of whatever the market will bear, sets the price of items, is crap. When the consumer has no idea what a fair or decent value is, they're forced to pay what is asked. If business is hurting or struggling, I have no problem with our governments helping them, but when the pain is coming from their own greed driven actions of eliminating jobs (CONSUMERS and TAX PAYERS) they deserve no sympathy. Most of the big businesses who are outsourcing, especially the older, well known ones, were profitable before they started doing so, some extremely profitable, it just wasn't enough. They would rather increase their profits even if it means destroying the country. Any politician defending such businesses has no business being in office.
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