Expert warns of dangers of unregulated day cares

To get a child to eat vegetables, start early and don\'t let up -- they\'ll develop a taste for them, European researchers say. (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — More local parents are sending their kids to unregulated day care centers.

While it may be cheaper than going to a place with a license, experts warn your child could be in danger because there are no checks and balances.

Mary Braxton, president of the Virginia Alliance of Family Child Care Associations, says unregulated day cares have not had safety checks and their employees have not undergone background checks.

At least 43 children have died in in-home, unregulated daycare facilities in Virginia since 2004, The Washington Post reports.

At regulated facilities, there have been 17 deaths in that same time frame.

Braxton wants to see Virginia crackdown on unregulated child care operations that are caring for more than five children.

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