Twitter watches your hashtag, offers content to add to tweet

Twitter is experimenting with offering video content, based on a hashtag. (WTOP/Neal Augenstein)

WASHINGTON — Twitter is experimenting with a new way to offer exclusive videos and other attachments, based on specific hashtags.

For the first time, Twitter users can attach a full-length TV episode with a tweet, and watch the show before it airs on television.

In anticipation of Tuesday’s premiere of the ABC comedy “Selfie,” Twitter users who type #SelfieABC will be offered the ability to attach a video file containing the entire episode in the tweet.

Users who want to add the video to the message they compose can click on Attach, or the offer can be ignored, and the text-only tweet sent.

A spokesperson for Twitter did not respond to emailed inquiries about future entities with which the social media giant will partner.

“Selfie” is a modern take on “My Fair Lady,” portraying the life of Eliza Dooley, whose Internet “followers hang on her every post, tweet and selfie,” according to ABC.

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