Residents Unhappy With Late-Night Bucket Drummers In Bethesda

A Montgomery County Police officer keeps watch near a handful of Bethesda bars (file photo)At 2:15 a.m. on Sunday, some residents of Woodmont Triangle got an unwelcome wake-up call.

According to a county official, complaints poured in about a set of people who began drumming on buckets at the corner of Norfolk and St. Elmo Avenues as bars and restaurants in Woodmont Triangle closed for the night. To make matters worse, the group’s routine was reportedly accompanied by a boombox.

“We have received complaints about the drummers in the past,” wrote Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Director Ken Hartman in an email. “They are not there every weekend, so enforcement is difficult.”

Hartman said 2nd District police officers have been asked to check on the area because the noise is causing a public nuisance.

It’s not the first time Woodmont Triangle residents have complained about late-night noise in an area known for its restaurants and bars.

Residents at the Fairmont Plaza condos unsuccessfully argued that La Parva, a restaurant and lounge across Woodmont Avenue, should have its liquor license revoked because it was the source of loud music, drunk patrons and too much commotion. One resident even started a “Parva Cam,” webpage, ostensibly to show how disruptive the establishment is.

County officials are working on a “Patron Responsibility” effort to curtail some of the noise and apparent drunken activity that Woodmont Triangle residents have complained about in the past.

It’s unknown who the drummers of early Sunday morning were or where they came from. Hartman tweeted a plea for the drummers to “please stop.”

In case they don’t, he said residents should contact the Police non-emergency number (301-279-8000) to report future incidents.

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