Going to a Redskins game will cost more this season

The team asks fans in a tweet to purchase their parking passes before the game. (WTOP/Megan Cloherty)

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WASHINGTON — It’s getting to be that time of year again: football season. Training camp has wrapped up and the Washington Redskins are set to take on the Patriots at FedEx Field Thursday night.

But for fans, it’ll be even more expensive to go see them this season.

It’s not because of the new talent on the roster, or head coach Jay Gruden’s debut in the nation’s capital. Parking costs have gone up without any explanation.

Parking at the stadium itself will cost fans $57.50 per game. Further away, it’s $46 to park in the gray lot — $6 more than last season, according to the team.

See the FedEx Field parking map here.

Ahead of the 2013 season, the Redskins announced that fans should expect an increase in ticket prices and parking rates. Some fans attributed the increase to the team making the playoffs earlier that year.

Still, the team declared its ticket prices would “remain among the most affordable in the NFC East.”

The team has not released any information to explain the new parking prices. Instead, the Redskins on Wednesday tweeted a link prompting fans to buy their parking passes for upcoming regular-season games. The link redirects fans to the Click and Park website.

Upper-level seats in the 400s are running at least $75 each on Ticketmaster.

For a better view in the 200 level, fans will pay $100 a ticket — and that’s not even the best seat.

And what if they want a beer? They run about $9 each; hot dogs, $5.

Maurisa Potts, who lives in Fairfax County and has been a season ticket-holder for 11 years, says she’s seen increases in food, ticket and parking prices.

“Drinks — I remember when hot chocolate used to be $2.50,” Potts says. “Now it’s five dollars. Beer used to be seven dollars; now it’s close to ten.”

A weekend day spent seeing the home team play, she says, has become less family- friendly.

“When you factor in the cost, plus making it a very long day with the logistics of getting in and out of the stadium, it turns out to be a pricey one-day affair,” Potts says.

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