Dulles Toll Road swaps coin buckets for E-ZPass

WASHINGTON – The Dulles Toll Road plans to increase the number of E-ZPass lanes at plazas along the highway during the next year.

The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, which operates the east-west toll road, plans to convert exact change lanes to electronic toll lanes. In all, 19 exact change lanes will be eliminated.

Work is slated to begin Sept. 2 and will include removing the coin baskets and installing E-ZPass equipment.

Exact change lanes, which have no attendant, at the main toll plaza and at exit ramps will be converted.

At least one full service lane will remain at each plaza.

Toll road managers says that about 90 percent of drivers who use the exact change lanes already use E-ZPass.

The westbound toll plaza at Fairfax County Parkway will undergo the first conversion followed by the westbound plaza at Route 28. The toll road will announce the location for each subsequent conversion.

Drivers should expect more congestion due to the work, which will take two to four weeks per conversion.

Drivers can find more information at dullestollroad.com.

Tolls are currently $1 at the on/off ramps for passenger cars and $2.50 to cross through the main plaza.

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