D.C. drivers pay second-highest car insurance premiums

Maryland remains one of the most expensive states for car ownership, but the District is the second-most expensive for insurance premiums when compared with states.

D.C. drivers pay, on average, $1,273 a year in auto insurance premiums, Bankrate.com says, citing statistics from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, second only to $1,277 in Louisiana. When considering insurance, gas and maintenance, Maryland drivers spend $2,368 on their vehicles, with $1,030 for insurance.

Vehicle costs in Virginia total an average $2,108 per year, but insurance is among the cheapest among states, at an average of $758 a year.

The cheapest state for car ownership is Iowa, with insurance, maintenance and gas totaling $1,942 a year.

Wyoming is the most expensive state for car ownership, but not because of maintenance or insurance costs. Bankrate.com says Wyoming motorists drive 68 percent more than the typical driver and spend $1,588 a year on gas, more than anywhere else in the country.

  • Bill Hussein O’Stalin

    And why is that? Maryland lax regulations make it easy for car thefts and for people to drive without a license or insurance. It’s a sanctuary state with all the unintended consequences.

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