Chris Pratt visits children’s hospital dressed as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ character

WASHINGTON — Actor Chris Pratt plays a hero in the new “Guardians of the Galaxy” film, but he was a real-life hero when he recently visited sick children at a hospital — all while decked out in his costume from the movie.

Before the movie’s release, Pratt — who plays Peter “Star-Lord” Quill — told Panzer TV he took his costume after filming was complete in hopes of visiting kids in a hospital dressed as the character. Earlier this week, Pratt followed through and visited patients at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

He said doing acts like that give his work real meaning.

Also, Pratt screened “Guardians of the Galaxy” for patients and their families at the hospital.

Pratt, who was the “The Lego Movie” as well, played Legos with some patients, too, according to TIME.

The actor visited at the hospital, in costume, for about three hours.

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