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Editor’s Note: This column is sponsored by Georgetown Square Wine and Beer (10400 Old Georgetown Road).

Something special is brewing right up I-95, and it’s incredible beer made by Jailbreak Brewing Company out of Laurel, Md.

Thanks to recent changes in Maryland law, small in-state breweries are allowed to skip a distribution channel and self distribute to your favorite restaurant or beer store. This is great news for Montgomery County proprietors, as the county won’t add its usual markup on the beer.

The Jailbreak story is a typical one for new breweries starting in the last few years. A few home brewers, tired of their day jobs, got together and decided to fulfill a dream of starting a brewery. Some succeeded, some failed.

Jailbreak is here to stay. Founders Justin Bonner and Kasey Turner and brewmaster Ryan Harvey (formerly of Dogfish Head Brewery) have created a great brewery and business incredibly fast.

Brewery at Jailbreak Brewing Company in Laurel, via Jailbreak Brewing CompanyAfter opening in April, the buzz surrounding Jailbreak Brewing has surpassed the normal levels for a brewery that has just opened its doors. Numerous customers and friends constantly ask when we’re getting Jailbreak on tap or in bottles. I was embarrassed to reply that I had no idea what they were talking about.

A few phone calls later, Justin and sales associate Jake were at our store, pouring freshly brewed Jailbreak beer. After tasting through their current offerings, I was extremely impressed by the quality and taste.

We bought a bunch of kegs and set up a tasting for Friday Aug. 1 at Downtown Crown Wine and Beer in Gaithersburg from 5 p.m. — 8 p.m. Here’s the tasting line up:

Welcome To Scoville Jalapeño IPA 6.5%

An artisanal style IPA combining mildly bitter hops, garden fresh jalapeno peppers and cilantro. With a moderate malt profile, this culinary concoction offers both an easy drinking IPA and a beer full of jalapenos without the burn or bittering one might expect.

Big Punisher Double IPA 8.5%

A well-balanced double IPA with a semi-sweet malt backbone and complimented with generous amounts of citrus and tropical fruit hops. Rich, delicious and rewardingly punishing.

Feed the Monkey Hefeweizen 6.0%

A German style Hefeweizen that combines traditional notes of clove and banana with subtle citrus aromas and flavors to provide balance and complexity.

Van Dammit Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Extremely limited, just released this week.

Photo via Jailbreak Brewing Company

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