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What are America’s favorite ad slogans?

This is the original packaging for M&M candies when they were first produced in 1940. But it is a later M&M slogan that really captured American consumers and tops the list (AP)

WASHINGTON — It’s the kind of lists that would make the most cynical of “Mad Men” characters slobber — the most recognizable and most likable advertising slogans in America.

According to a study reported on the Main Street marketing website, “Melts in you mouth, not in your hand,” from the old M&M candy commercials, is the best-liked slogan in the nation.

Nike’s “Just Do It” is the best-remembered. Only four slogans made both lists.

The research, titled “A Study of the Antecedents of Slogan Liking,” will appear in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Business Research.

The four slogans that made both lists:

  • “Got milk?” (Milk Processor Education Program)
  • “Eat fresh” (Subway)
  • “Think outside the bun” (Taco Bell)
  • “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand” (M&M)

See both lists on the Main Street website.

Some of the other marketing tidbits gleaned from the study:

  • Women liked slogans more than men.
  • Richer people liked slogans more.
  • Recall may be more useful for impulse buying.

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