Virginia man charged after dogs killed during argument

WASHINGTON — A man in Dumfries, Virginia was arrested Monday after police investigating a domestic violence call found two dead dogs.

On July 21, police responded to a call after a verbal altercation escalated. According to police, Gerard Devall Williams, 32, pushed the victim during the argument and threw her phone into a glass door. When she tried to gather her things and leave, the man took a kitchen knife and stabbed her dog.

In the home officers found a dead male pit pull with an apparent stab wound to his back. There was also a dead 2-week old puppy and one with critical injuries. Police say they both appeared to have blunt force trauma.

Unharmed in the home was a female pit bull and three other puppies.

Williams has been arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty, domestic assault and battery and destruction of property. He’s being held without bond and has a court date set for August 25.

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