Theaters add leather recliners to entice you

With competition intense for movie-goers, AMC is putting recliners in some theaters. (Chris Hondros/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — The nation’s second-largest theater chain wants to get you out of the living room and reclining in a comfortable seat at the theater.

AMC Entertainment Holdings is putting big, leather recliners in 1,800 theaters across the country. While theaters will lose seats, it’s hoped more people will fill those seats.

The Wall Street Journal reports attendance at renovated AMC theaters has gone up by 80 percent.

Box-office revenue rose by more than 60 percent at the 37 AMC theaters that had been “reseated” during this first quarter of the year.

Faced with growing competition from big-screen televisions and broadband movie streaming, theater chains have been experimenting with efforts to get more people head out to the movies.

Some AMC theaters have expanded food and drink menus that are similar to restaurants.

AMC says it doesn’t immediately charge more for tickets at renovated theaters. But over time, a theater with reclining seats and other features may charge a dollar or more than a conventional theater.

The Wall Street Journal reports that AMC plans to spend about $600 million over the next five years to outfit theaters with the comfy seats.

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