New site aims to simplify the divorce process

WASHINGTON — A woman whose parents divorced has launched a “how-to” website for people going through the difficult act.

“It’s more normal for families to go through divorce then to stay married these days,” says Michelle Crosby, CEO and founder of Wevorce. “We’re trying to just walk families through the reality of what they face in a guided process.”

Wevorce, a website offering new technology based out of San Francisco, helps families save time and money on divorce by following step-by-step instructions.

Couples start with an online conversation with a counselor or mediator, then they put together an action plan.

That plan can include a time frame from when and how to tell the family and break it to the kids, to how to change your relationship status on Facebook, and when to take off the rings.

Wevorce walks couples through all of the steps, including financial planning and agreements, co-parenting plans and emotional steadiness. Then, Crosby says, with the plan in place the local lawyers working with the company step in.

“Divorce is a very complicated process,” Crosby says. “And the heart of what we are trying to do is humanize it.”

On average, Wevorce divorces take 90 days.

And while court-fought cases can cost more than $10,000, Wevorce charges one flat fee.

“We want the families to know exactly what it costs from the beginning,” Crosby says.

It’s not for everyone, however: “For families that want to slug it out, it’s the courthouse. They need the support of the legal structure.”

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