Man proposes inside National Building Museum’s maze (Video)

WASHINGTON — It may be easy to get lost in a maze, but one couple found love.

A video posted on YouTube Tuesday shows a man proposing to a woman in the center of the giant maze at the National Building Museum.

The video doesn’t name the couple, but DCist identified them as Erin O’Connor and Peter Dwyer.

The couple’s first date was at the museum, DCist says.

The maze, which will be in the museum until Sept. 1, stands 18 feet high and measures 60 feet by 60 feet around.

The maze is designed by Danish architectural firm BIG-Bjarke Ingles Group. Unlike a traditional maze that becomes more convoluted at the center, the designers say this maze is different. As a visitor travels deeper into the maze, the path brings more clarity. On the inside, the walls slowly descend toward the center.

Watch the video of the proposal:

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