Is Facebook selling your browsing data to advertisers?

One of the most talked about issues on Facebook is how the social network uses customers\' data (Thinkstock)

By Ken Colburn, Data Doctors

PHOENIX, Ariz. Q: Is it true that Facebook is now selling my browsing data to advertisers?

A: There have been many spirited articles written about this issue since Facebook announced a change to its advertising platform last month.

The change has a lot of Facebook users up in arms.

Most of the information that I’ve seen posted doesn’t quite tell the whole story about what browsing data they are using and how they are using it.

I’m always amused by avid Facebook users who get bent out of shape when the network makes any changes, especially when it comes to advertising.

Anyone using Facebook needs to understand that they are not the customer, they are the product.

And now that Facebook is a publicly traded company, it’s going to continue to find ways to compel advertisers to spend more money to get in front of you.

You may have noticed that Facebook’s stock price has gone up substantially since its IPO and the primary reason is all of the changes Facebook has made to its advertising platform.

Ads are a fact of life if you are going to use Facebook (or any other

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