Iowa flooding 911 call: ‘A boy went in the sewer’

Associated Press

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — A passing motorist tells authorities a “boy went in the sewer” and “his mother is yelling for him” during a 911 call that prompted a frantic search for two Iowa teenagers swept into an open storm drain during a flash flood.

The female driver made the June 30 call, obtained by The Associated Press under the public records law, after being stopped by a friend of 17-year-old Logan Blake of Cedar Rapids. Blake’s body was found in a lake the next day.

Authorities say both boys were in the storm sewer system by then. They say Blake was swept into a 54-inch open drain while playing Frisbee with friends, and 17-year-old David Bliss went in trying to save his friend. Bliss survived. A third friend had the driver call 911.

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