Facebook removes ‘Kill Kendall Jones’ community page

Nicole Curtis, special to wtop.com

WASHINGTON — A community page, “Kill Kendall Jones,” was removed from Facebook for having credible threats of violence, according to Twitchy.com.

Facebook initially removed Jones’ hunting photos because they violated the social media site’s “community standards,” but the site allowed the “Kill Kendall Jones” page to stay.

Some Facebook users like Becky Ziegler are concerned on how long it took for the page to be removed.

Ziegler tweeted Thursday morning that it was about time that Facebook took action. “Took them long enough.”

Jones, a 19-year-old cheerleader at Texas Tech University, posted a series of photos on her Facebook page posing with a variety of animals, which she hunted in Africa.

Activists want Jones banned from Facebook, according to two Change.org petitions. One petition, “Help stop Kendall Jones from hunting in Africa,” by Kieron Brown of South Africa had more than 36,000 supporters.

Another Facebook community page, “Remove Kill Kendall Jones page,” was created in defense of Jones. On Thursday morning, the page posted, “Woo hoo, the

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