Face transplant recipient appears in GQ magazine (Photos)

WASHINGTON — After a decade of hiding his disfigured face, Richard Norris — who received complex face transplant surgeries in Maryland in 2012 — shows off his new appearance on the pages of GQ magazine.

Norris, 39, sustained major injuries when he blew of half of his face in a shotgun accident in 1997. But in 2012, he underwent one of the most complex face transplants ever performed.

Norris showcases his new face on GQ’s latest issue.

“A drop of hope can create an entire ocean,” Norris said to GQ about the help of his doctors. “A little speck of faith can create a world. You give that speck of faith to them.”

In Norris’ surgery, he received teeth, a jaw and even a tongue from a donor. The 36-hour surgery was performed by 150 doctors and nurses at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

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