Schwartz: My love of the city is universally known

WASHINGTON – A former longtime D.C. council member is surprising many at city hall after announcing she plans to run for mayor. Carol Schwartz put her name in as a candidate Monday.

“I think my love of the city is universally known. And it’s a love affair I just cant seem to get over,” Schwartz said on Newschannel 8.

A 16-year veteran on the council, Schwartz described her reasons to run after 5 years out of politics.

“In a booming town when you’ve got lots of money, you should be able to do affordable housing, take care drug treatment, and take care of the homeless,” Schwartz says.

When asked about whether her decision to run was influenced by her previously rocky relationship with candidate David Cantania, Schwartz denied revenge having any part in her campaign.

“This isn’t about anybody but my desire to be mayor,” she says.

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