Men support #YesAllWomen with #AllMenCan

Hashtag embedded in a block of ice.

Jasmine Song, special to

WASHINGTON — After the hashtag #YesAllWomen took over Twitter in response to the Santa Barbara shootings, men are showing their support for women in fighting inequality.

In a lengthy manifesto, along with a series of disturbing YouTube videos, Elliot Rodger, 22, targeted women because his lack of success getting female affection.

In response to his rather misogynistic message, women contributed to the #YesAllWomen campaign on Twitter to discuss their personal experiences with rape, harassment and the misogyny they battle in everyday life.

Now, men are joining the fight with the #AllMenCan hashtag.

“Women are not the only ones frustrated by our society’s institutionalized misogyny,” PolicyMic editor Elizabeth Plank said. “So many men, too, reported feeling disgusted by the attitudes of the shooter and his alleged peers, the ‘men’s rights activists’ that not only influenced Rodger, but publicly predicted more violence if men aren’t given what they want.”

Media reports, Plank began the twitter trend by asking men to share their thoughts as male feminists.

Here are some of their tweets:

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