Men and women: All about the money

WASHINGTON — For most couples it’s the start of a good argument. It’s not about the chores and it is not about the sex.

So what do most married couples fight about?

It’s the money.

With 50 percent of women making as much as their mates and with 25 percent making more, arguments about whose spending more ring the loudest in most households. Money magazine surveyed more than 100,000 married couples who were at least 25- years-old and found that 70 percent of both men and women say it’s the biggest marital issue.

Who controls the finances has a lot to do with the breadwinner, but that doesn’t always sit well with the other partner. Both men and women are aware of their money and 60 percent of both check their bank balance more often than they get romantic.

For both sexes, 22 percent are pretty sneaky, spending money in secret. Women go for clothes and shoes while men indulge their hobbies with electronics and sporting equipment.

The happiest of the bunch were the men whose wives made more than them. The most stressed of the bunch were those bread-winning wives.

Seems a bigger paycheck came with bigger stresses.

Four out of five couples say they are on the same financial page as each other, but that comes with lots of disagreements on whose spending what.

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