Did Led Zeppelin play Wheaton Youth Center?

Led Zeppelin, circa 1973

WASHINGTON — The mystery persists. Or should we say, the song remains the same?

The documentary that asks the question, did Led Zeppelin play here? is making its summer rounds at the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring, Maryland, this week.

Director Jeff Krulik, who stopped by the Glass Enclosed Nerve Center at WTOP last August, is still on the hunt for the answer. Is it an urban legend, or did the rock-n-roll supergroup actually play to a tiny crowd at the Wheaton Youth Center on Jan. 20, 1969?

Which also happened to be the evening of Richard Nixon’s first inauguration.

Krulik began his research in 2009 when he held a reunion for the folks who insist that they were at the show.

“You kind of cross reference everyone’s stories and make sure they sound legit,” he told WTOP in August 2013. “The (show’s) promoter, who happened to be a very famous DJ around here named Barry Richards, says that it happened. But people who worked closely with Barry Richards denied that it happened.”

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“Led Zeppelin Played Here” is playing at AFI Silver Theater, June 27-July 3; Q&A with filmmaker Jeff Krulik June 27-28 at 7:45 p.m.

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