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Christian freed from death sentence faces new charge in Sudan

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) — The Sudanese Christian woman whose death sentence for apostasy was overturned on appeal has been arrested again.

One of her defense lawyers says 27-year-old Meriam Ibrahim has been accused of forging a passport. Attorney Sherif Ali Sherif maintains that the “passport was issued by the Embassy of South Sudan in Khartoum, and the Embassy has assured the authorities that her passport is genuine.”

In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf had told reporters Tuesday that Ibrahim, her husband and two small children were released after being detained at Khartoum’s airport. But Harf confirmed Wednesday that the family was later taken to a police station, where Ibrahim was re-arrested “on charges related to her travel documents.” Harf said Ibrahim remained in custody Wednesday and that her family was with her.

Harf said U.S. officials were trying to resolve the issue so the family could quickly leave Sudan.

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