BUP Adds Bike Repair Stand To Trail

Photos via Bethesda Urban Partnership Photos via Bethesda Urban Partnership

The Bethesda Urban Partnership installed a public bike repair station to the Capital Crescent Trail this week.

The repair stand and air pump were recommended by the League of American Bicyclists, which deemed Bethesda a “Bicycle Friendly Community,” in 2012. Based on that feedback, BUP’s Kristen Blackmon worked with a bicycle parking and amenities consultant to order the station and signage.

The repair stand and pump were installed Wednesday just off the trail near a set of stairs to Arlington Road. BUP paid for the equipment and Montgomery Parks allowed BUP to install it, according to BUP Executive Director Dave Dabney.

It’s already got some attention from frequent users of the trail.

Dabney said BUP will install a similar repair station, planned for somewhere near the Bethesda Metro station.

Photos via Bethesda Urban Partnership

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