Tiger Woods’ ex-wife triumphs at graduation (Video)

WASHINGTON — It’s been a rough year for Tiger Woods — he’s still ranked number one in the world, but he’s missed tournaments such as the Masters Tournament and the Players Tournament with a back injury.

His ex-wife, however, has been doing great.

Golf Digest reports that Elin Nordegren graduated from Rollins College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a grade-point average of 3.96 and an award that the school’s site calls “the evening degree program’s equivalent to being named a valedictorian.”

She gave a speech at commencement, too:

She mainly spoke of her experiences at Rollins, but mentioned her marriage briefly.

“When I entered my student advisor office in the fall of 2005, I was 25 years old and had just recently moved to America,” she says at about 5:20. “I was married without children. Today, nine years later, I’m a proud American and I have two beautiful children” — long pause — “but I’m no longer married.”

And the crowd goes wild.

This story has been modified to correct that Tiger Woods is ranked number one in the world.

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