Matt Williams side-swiped during interview

WASHINGTON — Nationals Manager Matt Williams was almost at Nats Park Wednesday morning when another driver being followed by Metropolitan police officers sideswiped his Tahoe while traffic was stopped at a red light.

“It wasn’t fast. All the traffic was stopped. All I feel is this car just kind of nudge in between myself and another car,” Williams told reporters at the ballpark.

“The car’s not real good, but I’m good.”

Williams described what happened as “bizarre.”

Williams, at the time, was being interviewed by the Sports Junkies during a segment called, “In the Dugout With Matt Williams.”

Williams told WJFK what happened just after the accident occurred.

“There was a police car behind me, and a guy in a car and he tried to get by me and he just smoked me.” told the Sports Junkies.

Williams says the driver of a dark blue car struck others cars on South Capitol Street.

Police say they were following a stolen vehicle and that the driver struck multiple cars. One man has been arrested.

“That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever been a part of,” Williams said.

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