Can you survive D.C.’s citywide game of tag?

Tristiana Hinton, special to

WASHINGTON — If you are looking for a different way to blow off some steam on a Saturday night, consider a citywide game of tag.

Lindsey Boyle helped organize the Survive D.C. 2014 game for Saturday night.

“It’s somewhere between a giant game of tag, a race and capture the flag or scavenger hunt,” Boyle says. The goal is to make it to six different checkpoints without being caught by chasers.

Participants can either run or take the train, but they can’t take the bus, bicycle or a car.

Things get started at 7 p.m. in Stanton Park, but there’s still time to join the game.

Still, you better make sure those sneakers are laced up.

Watch video of Survive D.C. event:

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