Boost of Richmond official’s sick leave questioned

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A new report says a sick leave increase could give a Richmond official nearly $400,000 in additional benefits.

An audit by the city found that Chief Administrative Officer Byron C. Marshall added 800 hours of sick leave to Deputy Chief Administrator Sharon Judkins’ employment benefits. Judkins had accumulated the sick leave during a previous 19-year stint with the city.

Media outlets say City Auditor/Inspector General Umesh Dalal released the audit’s findings in a letter to city officials.

Dalal says Marshall boosted Judkins’ sick leave shortly before she went on an extended sick leave.

Dalal recommended that the matter be reviewed by the Commonwealths Attorney’s Office.

Marshall says in a letter sent Monday to the mayor and the auditor that the errors resulted from bad advice and have been resolved.

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