Baltimore police chief punches, arrests suspect

BALTIMORE (AP) — Court papers show Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts got directly involved in an arrest, punching a suspect in the face and holding a gun to his head while trying to disarm the man.

Documents show that on May 16, Batts and three officers stopped a group of men outside a deli and began questioning Alante Moultrie. Upon noticing a gun in Moultrie’s waistband, the officers attempted to disarm him.

A struggle ensued, documents show, and after trying to pry the gun from Moultrie’s hand, Batts retrieved his own gun and put it to Moultrie’s head. The documents say when Moultrie refused to relinquish his weapon, Batts punched him and forced the gun from his hand.

Moultrie was charged with illegal possession of a firearm, drug possession, assault and resisting arrest.

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