Tough Temple CrossFit Coming To Rugby Avenue

Tough Temple grand opening, via Tough Temple CrossFit

John Weeks and his partners saw a lot more potential than most in an old warehouse in Woodmont Triangle.

The former Allied Rental space at 4907 Rugby Ave. will give Weeks a unique amount of space to start his Tough Temple CrossFit studio. Spread over the gym’s 4,800 square feet will be a 50-foot long rig for heavy lifting, squats and bench presses, five olympic-sized lifting platforms for a barbell club, gymnastics rings and a dedicated space for power lifters.

The short-duration, high-intensity workouts will be offered on three difficulty and skill levels and in sets of two, three or unlimited classes per week.

“We knew we wanted to be in Bethesda. There’s not a lot of competition here, but there’s also an extremely educated and savvy fitness community in Bethesda,” Weeks said. “People tend to be a little bit more discerning and I think that people here are more inclined to go somewhere that’s a little bit more expensive because it involves a lot more personal service.”

Tough Temple will have a grand opening and meet and greet on Saturday April 19 and is offering two months free to those who join before opening day. Classes range from $155-$255 per month and there is a $35 weekly rate, as well as drop-in pricing.

Tough Temple CrossFit, opening April 19 on Rugby AvenueWeeks grew up in Silver Spring and got into mixed martial arts, which about four years ago led him to CrossFit and personal training. With science now leaning toward weight-heavy, high-intensity workouts, the fitness program has grown in popularity.

Weeks joined up with two longtime clients to seek out a space for their own gym.

“We’re positioned to really be the biggest CrossFit gym in the D.C. Metro area,” Weeks said. “It’s going to give us a lot of options in terms of programming. A lot of other places are limited by their physical location.”

Weeks’ main competition will likely come from CrossFit Bethesda, which is located just two blocks away on Norfolk Avenue.

The Tough Temple mantra is a nod to Weeks’ martial arts background.

“Really, I think that people like to have that combination of the raw physicality of something like CrossFit, but also tempering that with a mindfulness that makes it very unique,” Weeks said. “I’ve always been a huge proponent of understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing and educating your client base and teaching them to be very aware of what they’re doing. It really allows people to maximize the results that they get.”

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