Someone is ripping up campaign yard signs in Bethesda

Hrant Jamgochian campaign sign, ripped up, via Jamgochian campaign Hrant Jamgochian campaign sign, with wire frame removed, via  Jamgochian campaign

The campaign yard signs in front of Hrant Jamgochian’s Bradley Boulevard home were stolen and ripped apart over the weekend.

Jamgochian, who is running to represent District 16 in the House of Delegates, is one of many candidates employing yard signs before the June 24 primary.

On Saturday, he found the two signs in front of his house were missing, presumably stolen. On Sunday, he found the two new signs used as replacements were ripped up, with the wire frames mangled.

Tim Hernandez, Jamgochian’s campaign manager, said he found at least six other Jamgochian signs torn up, some with the wire frames gone and the shredded signs thrown back onto a lawn.

“The fact that they were taken and ripped up on Hrant’s own property and not just random yards is what’s really strange,” Hernandez said. “Whether they’re trying to send a message or what, I don’t know.”

The tearing up or theft of campaign yard signs isn’t new. It is new to District 16, where there doesn’t seem to be much discord between the eight Democrats running for three seats in the June primary.

In January, candidate Jordan Cooper circulated a “Clean Campaign Pledge” to all candidates. All candidates said they wouldn’t engage in personal attacks or negative talk about opponents.

Photos via Hrant Jamgochian campaign

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