Orphaned bear cub breaks hearts in Nevada (Video)

\'\'Tahoe\'\' was found crying next to its dead mother. (Courtesy BEAR League facebook page)

WASHINGTON – An orphaned bear cub is breaking hearts in the Lake Tahoe region.

A man left the 10-week-old cub with a bear non-profit in mid-April after he found it crying next to its dead mother. Not wanting the cub to die without the protection and food of its mother would provide, the man took the cub to the BEAR League, a non-profit that works to keep bears safe in the wild.

The league is working with another animal organization to raise the bear. Since its rescue, the cub is learning to walk and is feeding from a bottle stuck into the tummy of a toy duck to prevent the cub from bonding with humans, according to the BEAR League facebook page.

The league has been posting updates on the cub’s status along with unbearably sweet videos and videos.

Here’s a video of the cub nursing on the duck.

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