It’s time to have the sexting talk with teens

WASHINGTON — If you haven’t had that sexting talk with your kid, you might want to as the issue is growing rampant. Another local sexting case is under investigation involving local high school students, some of who may have started sexing as early as they were in middle school.

According to search warrants obtain by NBC 4, the teens began sexting in middle school. Nineteen students who are now in high school in Fairfax County and one adult are being investigated for sexting.

Clarence Jones, Fairfax County Public Schools Safety and Wellness Coordinator, has advice for parents. “I tell all parents you need to take the charger to the cell phone and put that charger in your bedroom,” he says adding that sexting happens inside your home.

“Between 11 and 4 o’clock in the morning, that is when 90 percent of sexting is taking place, because parents are sleeping,” Jones says.

Outside Richmond on Tuesday, more than 100 teens were implicated in a six-county wide sexting ring.

In March, three teens in Prince William County were accused of posting more than 50 nude photos on Instagram of other students.

And in June 2013, three Fairfax County teenage boys from West Springfield High School were sentenced for sexting.

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