Hundreds tune in nightly for obscure live podcast focused on Relisha Rudd

WASHINGTON — As a nationwide search continues for missing 8-year-old Relisha Rudd, hundreds tune in nightly for an obscure internet broadcast run out of D.C. that’s focused on the missing girl.

Listeners from across the country tune into 32-year-old Keith Warren’s podcast, “Finding Relisha Radio Show” every night. The show has featured guest appearances by Relisha’s family members and gives callers a chance to ask questions, offer prayers, or speculate about where the girl may be.

One night Relisha’s mother, Shamika Young, joined the program and responded to criticism from callers. They wanted to know why she didn’t seem very upset about her daughter’s disappearance.

“Nobody don’t know how I feel over here. I’m hurt. Real hurt. We’re talking about my firstborn that I spent 18 hours and 36 minutes in labor with. I ain’t sleeping at night,” she responds. “When I go to sleep I keep having these dreams when my daughter reaching for me and I can’t get her. How you think I feel about that – waking up, keep crying? Is this what you want? Is this what you all want? For me to act a fool on the radio?”

The Washington Post reports that Warren hosts the show from his nursing home with just a pair of headphones and two laptops. He says they’re not giving up hope.

“She wants us to find her. She wants to be found,” he says. “Guys it’s crunch time. It’s time to get things together.”

The podcast airs on Blog Talk Radio at 7 p.m. A related Facebook page, “The Relisha Rudd Task Force,” has about 900 members.

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