D.C. rapper writes Wizards playoff anthem (Video)

D.C. rapper Styme says he hopes the Wizards play his song when they first take the court. (WTOP/Alicia Lozano)

WASHINGTON — The Washington Wizards are young and hungry. Twice in the pressure cooker of Chicago, the Wizards fought back in the second half to beat the Bulls.

Maybe it’s a team that deserves its own playoff anthem?

D.C. rapper Styme thinks so.

In honor of his hometown team, Styme wrote “I’m Getting It” as a Wizards NBA playoff theme song.

“We gonna put up a fight/ Cuz we ain’t losin’ tonight/ We goin’ hard in the paint/ We wakka flaming tonight,” the 23-year-old raps in the song.

“I woke up one morning, already had the hook done,” says Styme, whose birth name is Aaron Morton. “So what I did was wrote the verse … in like 20 minutes. I was like ‘Yeah, this is the one.’ So I went smooth to the studio and recorded it.”

Sitting inside a WTOP studio, Styme’s dreadlocks flowed beneath his red baseball cap, which matched the red of his Wizards jersey. He sports a musical-note tattoo on his left arm. The Dunbar High School graduate says he is devoted to both the game and the music.

“I’m doing it for them, man; they represent the city well. I love basketball — that’s my favorite sport. But I have a great talent in music,” Styme says.

As an employee in guest relations at the Verizon Center, Styme occasionally rubs elbows with the players.

“I love John Wall. He’s a great guy. He’s a great dude. I like Bradley Beal, also,” he says.

Players and fans at the Verizon Center will likely hear Styme’s song blasting through the speakers during the playoffs, but he wishes it would play when the team first takes the court Friday night for Game 3.

“It’s going to turn them up. They gonna be hyped,” Styme says.

A spokeswoman from Monumental Network, which owns the Wizards, says the song will likely not be played Friday night.

Watch the video below:

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