Chupacabra or raccoon? TX couple cage mystery

WASHINGTON –Calling Scully and Mulder: a supposed Chupacabra sighting has again raised frenzied speculation that the mysterious blood-sucking monster does indeed exist.

But of course the skeptics always have an answer: it is likely a hairless raccoon.

A Texas couple says they caged what they think is a Chupacabra, an monster of generous alien/monster/dog/panther/vampire description that has been sighted all over the world, but so far, has not been caught (at least scientists won’t admit it).

The one caged in Texas was observed eating corn, not sucking the blood from sheep or goats, but it did look strange, and had an eerie guttural growl. But we’ll never really know what it was, as animal control officials were informed that the animal had been euthanized Friday morning. Guess the couple weren’t taking any chances.

Read more at Yahoo! and see more about this Texas mystery from local KAVU Newscenter 25:

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