Chevy Chase Village Hopes To Get Rid Of Unnecessary Street Signs

Illegal parking near an intersection in Chevy Chase Village, via Chevy Chase Village Illegal parking on a curb in Chevy Chase Village, via Chevy Chase Village

There are 49 “Neighborhood Watch” signs in Chevy Chase Village and no Neighborhood Watch, three “This Area Under Surveillance” signs and no active video surveillance and 40 “Bump” signs that are dozens of feet away from actual speed bumps.

The 0.43-square mile town of about 2,000 residents is ready to tear down, replace, clean off and change up its collection of hundreds of street signs after a survey found a number of abnormalities.

The Village’s police chief and another officer in the department surveyed all of the town’s 935 street signs over a two-month period last fall.

They found a number of changes need to be made, including the unnecessary signage and trouble spots where the lack of “No Parking” signs might be leading to parking near intersections and over curbs.

The Village is accepting comments about the new sign policy, which will go into effect as recommended unless residents send in objections.

Police Chief John Fitzgerald suggested tightening up the Village’s policy for bump warning signs. The policy now lets the Public Works Department pace the signs wherever it “finds most suitable.” But that was before the Village came up with its official Speed Hump Policy in 2011, which could be part of the reason why some signs are very far from actual speed bumps.

One is as far away as 100 feet from the bump.

Fitzgerald also recommended getting rid of the 49 “Neighborhood Watch” signs and three “This Area Under Surveillance signs.”

He also recommended removing all “Traffic Laws are Photo Enforced” signs in areas where there are actually no speed or traffic cameras — except for three of the signs along Brookville Road, where there is no speed camera.

“There are only 3 such signs along Brookville; this roadway is heavily traveled and leaving them in place may have a calming effect on traffic on that roadway,” Fitzgerald wrote.

He also suggested adding 21 “No Parking Any Time” signs near “Stop” signs, intersections and other problem areas where curbside parking reduces sight lines and could block roads.

Photos via Chevy Chase Village

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