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Car insurance discounts for those who take public transit

For drivers who keep their cars, but commute to work, there are insurance discounts available. (WTOP/Megan Cloherty)

WASHINGTON – Drivers who want to keep their cars, but are considering taking the bus, Metro or a bike to work could save money on their vehicle insurance.

Many car insurance companies offer what’s called a “pleasure use discount” for drivers who use public transit for most of their tips to and from work, but who keep a car for pleasure, even if they wouldn’t call a trip to the grocery store pleasurable.

While rail ridership remains flat, bus ridership in the District continues to grow — up by 3 percent from last year, says Metro spokesman Dan Stessel.

Another money-saving option for those who don’t want to ditch their wheels would be a “low-mileage discount” for those drivers who drive fewer than 7,000 miles a year. reports the low-mileage discount averages about 2 percent off a driver’s policy per vehicle, while the “pleasure use discount” averages 2 1/2 percent.

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