Audubon Naturalist Society Kicks Off Battle Of The Beltway Birdathons

Bird-A-Thon, Battle of the Beltways, via Audubon Naturalist SocietyWho can count the most birds?

That’s essentially what Chevy Chase’s Audubon Naturalist Society is asking of participants in its annual Bloomin’ Birdathon pledge drive.

The environmental organization headquartered on Jones Mill Road asks people to sponsor bird-watching efforts and donate a certain amount of money to the organization for each bird or wildflower species counted.

This year, Audubon is taking on the Irvine Nature Center in Owings Mills to see which organization’s supporters have the most prolific birdwatchers.

Through May 26, individuals or teams are asked to count as many bird species as they can on one 24-hour period. That means you can sit on your couch and count the bird species that come to your backyard bird feeder, or go out and start looking for them.

The proceeds will go to Audubon’s environmental classes and conservation programs, which include operation of a number of nature sanctuaries.

For more info, visit the fundraiser website.

Image via Audubon Naturalist Society

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