Frick Amendment Means State Could Condemn ‘House of Cards’ Property

D-16 Del. Bill Frick, via Flickr user Edward Kimmel Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood, via Netflix

“Is Bill Frick the new Frank Underwood?”

That’s the question Del. Sam Arora posed on Twitter after Frick, the Bethesda resident and District 16 delegate, proposed a budget amendment Thursday that would allow the state some potential leverage in a standoff against the production company behind “House of Cards.”

For the past few weeks, that company has been threatening to stop making the show in Maryland and bolt town if it’s not given more tax money back this year.

Spacey, who plays ruthless politician Frank Underwood in the show, wined and dined State House members in Annapolis over the weekend in an effort to get support for the larger tax breaks. (Read this Washington Post story for a detailed account of, among other things, real-life politicians seeking selfies with Spacey at the private event.)

The amendment Frick introduced and that was passed would allow the state to use eminent domain to take over the property of any film production company in Maryland that got more than $10 million in tax credits before leaving the state.

Arora described it as a Underwood-type move:

Expect more from State House reporters soon:

Frick recently made a major political maneuver of his own, dropping out of the Attorney General’s race on the day of the filing deadline to run for re-election in his District 16 delegate seat.

Bill Frick Flickr photo via Edward Kimmel, Frank Underwood photo via Netflix

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