For Pancake Day, they went off to the races

WASHINGTON — Many of the things your parents told you that you can’t do in church were happening inside the Washington National Cathedral on Tuesday, National Pancake Day.

Students, clergy and staff raced down the grand aisle of one of D.C.’s most picturesque buildings with frying pans in hand. The event marked the 15th Annual Pancake Race.

“It’s a little bit of fun for us and a little bit of craziness … something we can do before the season of Lent,” said Canon Andrew Hullinger, who led the event.

It was held on Shrove Tuesday, widely known as “Pancake Day.”

“Tradition also holds that [Pancake Day] is the day that we use up all the rich food in our pantry” before Lent, Hullinger says.

As the races went on, winners were awarded with gold-looking syrup bottles and gargoyles. But the grand prize was the coveted “golden spatula” — a spatula covered in gold paint.

The grand prize went to 8-year-old Charlie Savan of D.C. He says he plans to take his prize to school and show it off to his friends.

Watch a video of the event below:

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