Fairfax County police get ready to let the dogs out

WASHINGTON – Who’s letting the dogs out? Fairfax County is.

Two bloodhounds, new recruits to the police force, are about to hit the streets. Just 9-months-old, the sisters, Bolt and Silas, were unveiled in September 2013 as tiny pups.

Their handlers say the girls have a ways to go, but are almost ready. Bolt and Silas have been training in a variety of terrains from gravel to grass and they should officially begin their jobs in May or June.

The agency purchased the puppies at six weeks old last August. Bolt and Silas will join Shnoz and Cody, who joined the agency in 2008 at 19 months old. So far, all dogs get along well.

The Fairfax County Bloodhound program began in 2002 with Charger and Molly, who grew to over 110 pounds. They both served until they retired in 2008. Fairfax County hounds are often requested by jurisdictions that don’t have a bloodhound team.

The Fairfax County Police Department says bloodhounds are a valuable asset to law enforcement around the region as they are trained for both criminal and non-criminal missions.

They’re also said to not bite when they find a person and are ideal to help locate missing children and dementia patients.

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