Alexandria students to make up snow days

WASHINGTON – Alexandria middle school students will be in school for an extra 14 minutes per day for several weeks this spring to make up for a portion of 10 days of weather-related closures this winter, according to information from Alexandria City Public Schools.

Although elementary schools and T.C. Williams High School students are meeting the Virginia instructional hours requirement of 973.5 hours per academic year with make-up days already scheduled, middle school students aren’t so lucky.

Middle school students will have two minutes added to each period for 42 days starting April 21. That means each instructional day will be 14 minutes longer, adding 9.8 hours of time over the spring and ultimately avoiding adding days to the end of the school year.

If public schools students miss any more instructional time due to weather, school administrators plan to change early-release days to full days as needed to meet the state’s minimum hours requirement.

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