10 rescued Sochi dogs looking for homes in D.C. area (Photos)

WASHINGTON — With names such as Kuzya and Glasha, 10 mixed-breed dogs arrived with puppy-style passports to Dulles Airport Thursday in hopes of finding homes in the D.C. area.

Now, they are charming visitors to the Washington Animal Rescue League in Northwest D.C.

“They went from Sochi to Moscow, spent some time in Moscow, and then they came from there to Dulles,” says WARL Chief Communications Officer Matt Williams.

The dogs were rescued from the streets of 2014 Winter Olympic host city Sochi, Russia. The influx of rescues came after Sochi hired companies to catch and kill the strays so they didn’t bother Sochi’s new visitors — or even wander into an Olympic event.

The 10 came into the country through the Humane Society’s efforts. All of them went to the Washington Animal Rescue League.

“They are all small, lab-size, and they’re really in good shape. They’re tired from the trip but I think they’re excited to be here now that they have their feet on the ground and not in an airplane,” Williams says.

Williams expects the dogs will be ready to adopt in 10 days to two weeks. First, they have to recover from their trip and get medical and behavioral assessments.

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