WWBG: Gold In A Glass


Editor’s Note: This column is sponsored by Georgetown Square Wine and Beer (10400 Old Georgetown Road).

Post written by customer Michael Grabowski, Georgetown Square Wine and Beer’s Valentine’s Day specialist:

You’re single on Valentines Day like me? Are you sad you don’t have a boring four-hour dinner planned with a significant other? Get off that noise. Go out. Meet some ladies or guys. And if you’re a single person who ends up meeting someone nice, there’s one extremely important item you must have to cap off a nice date. No, not that.


Who doesn’t like a glass of champagne or sparkling rose to start or end the night? It’s the perfect great night item. The smoothness you exude when you subtly pop the bottle, the sound of it hitting the flute, the handoff — to which you say, “I’ve been saving this for a while,” even though you bought it that afternoon.

The following are awesome champagnes to have in your fridge when these situations present themselves:

Belaire RoseBelaire Rose

Pop this bottle like a boss and turn on your favorite Marvin Gaye track. Rumor has it this a Beyonce favorite. This rose has a fantastic color when you pour it and a rich, bold and fruitful taste when you drink it. Hints of strawberry and black currant will make you say, “Oh yeah.”

Moet Nectar ImperialMoet Nectar Imperial

This champagne blend is like pouring gold in a glass. It has great texture with a wonderful finish and it’s all about how you finish.

Flavors of apple, peach and nectarine will please your pallet, like a perfect Georgia peach.

Perrier JouetPerrier Jouet

Do you like apples?

Take one whiff of these bubbles and you’ll instantly be pleased with an aroma of rich, autumn green apples. Take one sip and you’ll be overwhelmed by flavors of exotic fruit, banana and pineapple, making your date say, “more, more.”

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