Video Shows Shoplifters Steal Champagne From Bethesda Store

The owner of a local beer and wine store is offering a reward of $1,000 for any information leading to the arrests of the two people who quickly stole champagne and fled from his store on Thursday night.

Arash Takafor, owner of Georgetown Square Beer and Wine in the Georgetown Square Shopping Center, says the two in the video above have stolen about $1,000 worth of champagne from his shop in three separate thefts in recent months.

Suspects in Georgetown Square Beer and Wine burglary, via Georgetown Square Beer and WineThe video shows the theft on Thursday. In this video, shot from another part of the store, you can see the employee manning the cash register dialing police as soon as the suspects walk in. One suspect quickly grabbed and stashed away a few bottles of champagne before both ran out of the store.

The whole incident lasted about 25 seconds.

Takafor, a advertiser and author of our Weekend Wine and Beer Guide column, told us he hopes other beer and wine stores are on the look out for these two.

“They travel in groups, distract employees and steal,” said Takafor, who also said other incidents have included as many as four or five people.

Anyone with information on the suspects or thefts can contact Georgetown Square Beer and Wine at info[at]gtownsqwine[dot]com.

Video via Georgetown Square Beer and Wine

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