U.S. bobsledder had to break out of his bathroom

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WASHINGTON — A U.S. bobsledder, Johnny Quinn, tweeted early Saturday morning in Sochi showing aftermath of having to break out of his own bathroom.

U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn


WTOP’s Mike Murillo reports

“I was taking a shower, didn’t have my phone with me,” he tells WTOP’s Mike Murillo in an interview.

“I’m kind of banging on the bathroom wall trying to get anyone’s attention,” he says. “I’m in there for about an hour.”

Quinn says he stayed in the bathroom banging on all sides of the room trying to be heard. Quinn finally hit the door to the bathroom and sees that it cracks.

He recalls thinking, “Okay, it’s time to get out of here.”

Quinn had to use his bobsled skills to push his way through the door and free himself.

British bobsledder Rebekah Wilson also had a scary scenario that she tweeted about. She encountered an empty elevator shaft that could have led to a disastrous outcome.

And then there’s the curious double toilet photo captured by BBC Moscow Correspondent, Steve Rosenberg:

All lead to the question of whether Sochi was prepared in time to handle the winter games.

Quinn tells WTOP, “The facilities are phenomenal, the staff is great. Everyone has just been wonderful. I happened to run into an unfortunate scenario that truly could have happened to anyone.”

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WTOP’s Mike Murillo contributed to this report.

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