Study: U.S. adults would rather live without sex than mobile phone

Phones intentionally left in bathrooms, bars and on public transportation were hacked within minutes, according to the study. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

WASHINGTON – Many people have a difficult time going a day without a cellphone and say they couldn’t live without it, but a study found that a majority of U.S. adults would rather go without sex than their mobile devices.

A Harris Poll released last week found that of the more than 2,200 U.S. adults surveyed, 20 percent said they could not live without sex, while 26 percent said they couldn’t live without a mobile phone.

The pollsters asked the same questions to 315 full-time IT professionals, who noted the same priorities. Thirty-one percent said they couldn’t live without the cellphone versus the 28 percent who said they couldn’t live without sex.

Harris Interactive asked IT workers the same questions because they “are among those most connected to and dependent on communication technologies.”

Not-so-shocking is that both the U.S. adults and IT professionals surveyed ranked food as the No. 1 thing they couldn’t live without. Also on the top of things they couldn’t live without were car and Internet access.

Statistia created a chart showing the top 10 things U.S. adults can’t live without.

Infographic (Statista)

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