Flappy Bird developer says he’s taking down app

WASHINGTON — The incredibly basic, but difficult game, Flappy Bird, hit both the Apple and Android charts at number one, but then the app’s developer said he plans to take down his creation.

USA Today reports that Flappy Bird achieved more than 50 million downloads and was averaging $50,000 dollars a day from ad revenue.

Dong Nguyen lives in Vietnam’s capital of Hanoi. He said he made his decision because “I just can’t take it anymore.”

Some suspect the move is a strategic media splash. One blogger, Robert Scoble, said, “Everyone will buy that new game, making [Nguyen] even richer, because of the fear that he’ll delete that game,” USA Today reports.

The app is officially gone from app stores.

Flappy Bird left app stores Sunday afternoon. (WTOP/Ellen Kortesoja)

flappy gone

Watch USA Today’s video on the Flappy Bird app removal.

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