Feds sending more local violent gang members to prison

WASHINGTON — A gang leader, a gang enforcer and cocaine supplier will be heading to jail. The three “Nine Trey Gangsters” were convicted in federal court Friday on a laundry list of charges. “Nine Trey Gangsters” are part of the Bloods Street gang.

That brings the total to 37 convictions since 2013 of these gang members by the feds.

On Friday Thaddeus Snow, a gang leader from Manassas, Va. and two other members were convicted of a long list of offenses including drug dealing, violent crimes, and sex trafficking of women in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, New York and elsewhere.

Trial evidence shows that Snow had directed one of his subordinates to cut a woman’s face from her mouth to her ear requiring 150 stitches.

The other two men are William Sykes of Bealeton, Va. and Jameel Aleem from the District. When the three men are sentenced in May, they are facing the possibility of life in prison.

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